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Flower Power Honey offers the richest taste experience as well as

the opportunity to support ethically harvested honey through our dedication to creating a sustainable way of beekeeping.

We believe in having strong relationships based on a love for growth and by doing so we are truly celebrating the power of flowers.


By working passionately with our bees, our gardens, and our customers we provide a loving and adaptable service with the aim to meet the needs of all in an ever changing environment.


In order to create a sustainable beekeeping practice

we believe in restoring old resources and implementing 

old practices before gathering new resources. 

We work like bees in order to bring you

the best honey on the market,

as each jar is overflowing with love.


Hence we proudly give you what we believe to be,

" The best choice in sweet sustainable living "

From humble bee-ginnings we have collected the tools necessary to build an operation that is continuously developing ways to keep our practices regenerative to ensure possibilities remain open

for future generations.


Thanks to our Golden Bay community for supporting this journey of humility, discovery, and inspiration.


Flower Power Honey

Made in Golden Bay NZ

Natural & Organic 
Beekeeping Practices
Happy Bees


Creating Sustainable

& Regenerative

Cottage Industry


The Flower Power Honey Story

Born out of our love for each other and the natural wonders of life 

Sophie ( a Kiwi ) and Cory ( a Canuck )

began pouring the honey into jars.

We then brought the honey to the local market and haven't stopped since.


What came forth with the desire to serve our New Zealand community is Flower Power Honey. 

Flower Power is so much more than honey it is a belief in the fertility of flowers and life, 

to grow an abundance that can be shared to nourish everyone in our lives.


Driven by the dream to create a sustainable way of life both at home and in business we 

began to nourish the seed that was Flower Power Honey and soon found ourselves set up nicely

in our little hexagonal shop The Honey Pot at the Takaka Community Gardens.

With consistent nourishment from seed to flower, we began to grow and are now blossoming

so that all can share in the beauty of the co-created love for the community as a whole.

Meet the Flower


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Sophie Trueman was one of Flower Power Honey's first customers,

and well needless to say it became a love story.

She poured her heart into the Flower Power dream and made it her own.


In the photo above she shines like a star for an interview at market,

later to be posted on


When not at the market you will most likely find her at

The Honey Pot

This hexagonal shop, situated next to our garden,

 stocks local Artisan Foods and serves local Chai, Coffee and Cocoa. 


Either in the garden or in the store

it is hard to miss this radiant woman.

Meet the Power


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Cory Stessen's passion for discovering the mysteries of nature were

born from his Canadian roots.


The first photo captures Cory's first time ever inside a beehive on the big island of Hawaii in 2014.

Just days before he was stung on the forehead by one of the bees from these hives.  

Despite several days of severe swelling that left Cory unable to see on the third day after the sting

he was still determined to enter the hives and taste that sweet honey.


Cory returned to New  Zealand  with the dream of making Manuka Honey,

and with hard work and perseverance the dream came true to make New Zealand home.


It is said that the bees choose the beekeeper, 

Cory is kept by the bees...

and Sophie.



TEL: 022-323-3506 

24 Waitapu Rd. Takaka, NZ 7183
OPENING HOURS M W F 9/10am to 4/5pm

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